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Food Conveyors

PU Belt Conveyor with baked food transferring between 2 conveyors

Conveyors that are used in the food industry have to be designed and manufactured to specific standards. One of the major requirements within the food industry is that the food conveyor must be very easy to clean.

PU Belt Conveyor with baked food transferring between 2 conveyors

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Easy to Clean Food Conveyors

Being “easy to clean” means that there must be easy access to all surfaces, whether they are in direct contact with the food product or not. A well designed food conveyor will offer easy cleaning access to all areas, and it will also require minimum maintenance.

PVC/PU Food Conveyors

The surface finish of a food conveyor is also very important, which is why PVC/PU belt conveyors (including modular belt conveyors) are often used on processing, assembly and packing lines in the food industry. A food conveyor with a rough surface would hold on to food deposits, and no matter how small these are, would encourage the growth of bacteria.

Mobility Engineering Designs Food Conveyors

Food processing can include all types of applications from raw and cooked meats, poultry and fish to packaged meals and confectionery, so custom built food conveyors are needed and the team at Mobility Engineering is highly experienced in producing food conveyors for these applications.

Aimia Foods, Haydock, Merseyside

We have been dealing with Mobility Engineering for many years now. This is due to the fact that their service for conveyor systems is fantastic, constantly offering solutions and not problems. Their products are always innovative and well thought out for the application. We always have great confidence that they will deliver a quality product, on time and in budget. Last but by no means least, their after sales support is outstanding and they always endeavour to provide spares, expertise or ideas as soon as possible. They are a great supplier and we consider them part of our team
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