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Pallet Conveyors and Pallet Handling

Warehouse Pallets

Conveyor systems which are used for pallet handling, are generally chain driven powered roller conveyors, or double/triple chain conveyors.

Various application elements with determine which to use, such as pallet/load orientation and the underside of the pallet/load.

The length of run can also be a determining factor in the design process.

Zero Pressure Pallet Conveyor
Triple Chain Conveyor
Chain To Chain Pallet Roller Conveyor
Chain To Chain Pallet Roller Conveyor

Features of Pallet Conveyors

1. Heavy duty, powered roller or chain conveyors.
2. They incorporate such features as 90 degree cross transfers and powered turntables.
3. Stand alone conveyors or fully automated zero pressure accumulation systems.
4. Accessories will include control system options, entry guides, blade stops and merges as well as the features mentioned above.

Pallet Conveyors For Heavy Duty Products

Companies which produce heavy, or large products and components, generally rely on using pallets for production and storage of the product. Pallets play a critical role in moving many types of goods, and they are the one thing which can connect the product, to the manufacturer, transporter, distributor and retailer. Consequently, efficient pallet handling is an extremely important part of many of these businesses.

Without effective pallet handling┬áthe supply chain within many industries would fail. Managing pallet handling systems effectively will improve the costs and efficiencies of a manufacturer’s supply chain.

How Will an Effective Pallet Conveyor Help Your Business?

  1. Pallet Handling will reduce warehousing, distribution, storage, manufacturing and logistics costs.
  2. A Pallet Conveyor will provide speed, reliability, safety and security.
  3. Your company can grow its’ production without increasing labour costs.
  4. A pallet handling system will reduce errors throughout the production line.
  5. Using a pallet conveyor will help operations to deal with larger scale and bulky or dangerous items in manufacturing, storage and fulfillment areas of businesses.

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